Deprecated SOAP Services

The deprecated Spatial Module routing SOAP services are accessible through the welcome page, and documented in the platform Web Services Guide. These existing SOAP services are currently going through a redesign for interoperability, standardization, and usability. These services are:

  • GetTravelDirections—Returns routing information for a set of two distinct points or multiple points. It takes a starting location and an ending location with optional intermediate points as input, and returns the route that is either the fastest or the shortest.
  • GetTravelCostMatrix—Calculates the travel time and distances between an array of start and end locations. It takes multiple starting locations and multiple ending locations, and returns a matrix of route options based on speed or distance.
  • GetRouteData—Returns segment information for a point or segment ID.
  • GetTravelBoundary—Determines a drive time, walk time, or distance boundary from a location.
  • PersistentUpdate—Allows you to override aspects of the road network (data). The overrides can be done on a road type, at a specific point, or at a specific segment.