Table 1. Closest Site Options




The name of the database that contains the sites of interest. This field lists the databases that have been made available on your Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform system through the Management Console. For more information, see Adding a Spatial Module Centrus Database Resource.

When you select a database, the following information about the database is displayed:

Supports Closest Site
Indicates whether or not the selected database can be used with Closest Site. Only databases that contain point data can be used with Closest Site.
Coordinate System
Indicates the notation system used to specify coordinates in the selected database.

Default Radius (Feet)

Specifies the default radius of the search area. You can override the default radius on a record-by-record basis by specifying a value in the Radius input field.

If you do not want to limit the search area, specify 0. Closest Site will return the closest sites up to the number of sites specified by the Maximum Results option.

Coordinate Format

Specifies the format of latitude/longitude coordinates in the input. One of the following:

(90.000000, 180.000000)
Decimal Assumed
(90000000, 180000000). Default.
(90 00 00N, 180 00 00W)
(090000000N, 180000000W)
Pre-Zero Decimal
(090.000000N, 180.000000W)

Distance Units

Specifies the units in which to measure distance. One of the following:

Distances are measured in miles.
Distances are measured in kilometers.
Distances are measured in feet. (Default)
Distances are measured in meters.
Distances are measured in user-defined units. Use this setting for databases that contain non-geographic coordinates. If you select this option and the database contains geographic coordinates, units is measured in feet.

Maximum Results

Specifies the maximum number of sites to return. The default is 10. If the number of sites within the search radius is greater than the number specified here, then the closest sites is returned. For example, if there are 15 sites within the search radius and Maximum Results is set to 10, then the 10 closest sites is returned.