Parameter Settings

You can override Find Nearest stage settings using parameters set in the input channel to the stage. Input parameters allow services and applications to run a flow against different databases or with different input settings.

Parameters set in the channel override settings made in the Find Nearest stage. Before setting parameters in the channel, set up the Find Nearest stage on the Input, Settings, and Output tabs.

The following table lists parameters and the corresponding option on the Find Nearest Settings tab. It also lists the available values for parameters.

Parameter Setting in Find Nearest Stage Values
DataSetResourceName Database drop-down list selection The name of the routing database defined in the Management Console
MaxCandidates Limit number of returned records check box value > 1
LimitBy Limit travel distance or Limit travel time radial button selection. distance


When set to distance, MaxDistance and MaxDistanceUnitLimit are used. When set to time, MaxTime and MaxTimeUnit are used.

MaxDistance Limit travel distance value > 0
MaxDistanceUnitLimit Limit travel distance drop-down list selection cm (centimeters)

ft (feet)

in (inches)

km (kilometers)

m (meters)

mi (miles)

yd (yards)

MaxTime Limit travel time value > 0
MaxTimeUnit Limit travel time drop-down list selection hour




OptimizedBy Optimized by “Distance” or “Time” radial button selection distance


HistoricTrafficTimeBucket Historic traffic time bucket drop-down list selection ampeak