Legacy Find Nearest

The Legacy Find Nearest component locates the points of interest (POI) that are nearest to a given location. For example you could use Legacy Find Nearest to identify the nearest bank for a given location. You can use Legacy Find Nearest to identify points that are:
  • The closest linear distance from a point
  • The closest travel distance from a point
  • The shortest travel time from a point

Legacy Find Nearest can locate points of interest that are points, lines, or polygons.

For example, point could be a bank ATM machine; a line could be a road segment, and a polygon could be a national park. The spatial database you match against can contain any of these types of geometries.

To maximize the results, enter a large enough value for Maximum Distance. For example, to search the world, use a value equal to 26000 miles or 40000 km. For a Point-in-Polygon search, 0 is the appropriate maximum distance so that there is overlap between the point and polygon.

Note: This stage is deprecated. The new Find Nearest stage should be used when creating a new dataflow (for more information, see Find Nearest). Any existing dataflows that use this stage will continue to function properly until this legacy stage is removed.

ACL Authorization Flow

To find a nearest point of interest, the user (or the role they belong to) needs EXECUTE permission on the Named table.