Geometry Support for Transformer Stage

Spectrum™ Technology Platform provides public interfaces as part of an extensible data provider that can be used in a transformer to interact with data sources. One of the more important interfaces is the IGeometry interface which is accessible from within Spectrum’s Transformer stage using a Groovy script.

The IGeometry interface includes many types, such as Points, MultiLines, MultiPolygons etc., however only a subset, in IFeatureGeometry, are seen by the user. These include IMultiCurve, IMultiFeatureGeometry, IMultiPoint, and IPoint.

IFeatureGeometry (and the interfaces and classes it uses) are available to Groovy script from within the Transformer stage’s custom Transform. This is useful to extend the functionality of Spectrum's stages.

For example, with a custom transform you can read a dataset with heterogeneous geometry types and write each geometry type into its own file as Well Known Text (WKT). See Saving Geometries with a Custom Transform.

Alternatively, you can use the newly added ToWKT and FromWKT operations in Spatial Calculator.

The Javadocs for IFeatureGeometry are contained in the Extensible Data Provider bundle. This can be downloaded from the Spectrum Spatial section of the Welcome page, under Sample Applications.