Table 1. Legacy Point In Polygon Options
Option Description


The name of the database that contains the polygon data to use in the search process. This field lists the databases that have been made available on your Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform system through Management Console. For more information, see Adding a Spatial Module Centrus Database Resource.

When you select a database, the following information about the database is displayed:

Coordinate System
Indicates the notation system used to specify coordinates in the selected database.
Supports Buffering
Indicates whether or not the selected database supports boundary buffering. For information on buffering, see Buffering.
Note: If a selected Centrus database is invalid (that is, the corresponding .gsb file is replaced or removed) you will be unable to save it.

Default Buffer Width

Specifies the default width of buffers. The buffer width is used to determine if a point is close to the edge of a polygon/line/point. For example, if you specify a buffer width of one mile, Point In Polygon will identify whether or not the location is within one mile of the edge of the polygon, either inside or outside the polygon.

The default buffer width that you specify here can be overridden on a record-by-record basis using the BufferWidth input field.

The output field BufferRelation indicates whether or not the point is within the buffer area.

Specify the buffer width in the units specified by the DistanceUnits option.

Note: This feature requires that database you are matching against be either a point-only file or supports buffers. If the database does not support this feature this field is unavailable.

Coordinate Format

Specifies the format of latitude/longitude coordinates returned by Point In Polygon. One of the following:

(90.000000, 180.000000). Default.
Decimal Assumed
(90000000, 180000000).
(90 00 00N, 180 00 00W)
(090000000N, 180000000W)
Pre-Zero Decimal
(090.000000N, 180.000000W)

Distance Units

Specifies the units in which to measure distance. One of the following:

Distances are measured in miles.
Distances are measured in kilometers.
Distances are measured in feet. (Default)
Distances are measured in meters.

Maximum Results

Specifies the maximum number of polygons/ lines/points to return for any one location. The default is 10.

A location can reside in multiple polygons/lines/points in the following situations:

  • There are overlapping polygons/lines/points in the database.
  • A large buffer area is specified, resulting in overlapping buffer areas.

Output Distance To Polygon Edge

Specifies whether to calculate the distance from the location to the nearest point on the border of the polygon/line/point and include that distance in the output field DistanceToBorder. If you do not select this option, this field will not be included in the output.

Note: Selecting this option will increase processing time because of the additional calculations required to determine distance to border.