Point in Polygon takes an input point and searches a table of polygons. It returns a record for each polygon in the search table that contains the input point.

Table 1. Point In Polygon Input
Field Name Description
Search Table Select a named table from the repository as the search table. The search table must contain geometries of type Polygon or MultiPolygon.
Named table Select a named table to search. This named table must contain only geometries of type Polygon or MultiPolygon, otherwise a warning is displayed.

Specifies the input point as either a geometry or pair of values (the input point or the X and Y fields that are provided by previous stages). The Geometry and X/Y fields are mutually exclusive (you must choose one or the other).

Geometry Select the geometry (Point) field that is provided by previous stages. If a geometry is used but it is not of type Point, than a runtime exception will be thrown when running the stage.
Longitude/Latitude (X/Y) Select the Longitude (X) and Latitude (Y) fields that are provided by previous stages. The drop-down lists contain all the fields of type string and numeric.

By default, the coordinate system is set to WGS84. If required, change the coordinate system to match the input X and Y fields.