Each polygon match is returned in a separate record along with the data listed in the table below.
Note: The geometry column must be selected in order to do spatial operations on records in subsequent stages.

Point In Polygon Output

Output Option Description

Include checkbox

The Include checkbox allows you to select which columns from the polygon search table to include as fields on the output record.

Table columns Represent the column names from the selected named table. This field is not editable.
Output field name Represents the output field. If selected, this name will be written to the stage output. This field is editable; for example, if the input spatial data contains a field called Latitude then you may rename it to PointOfInterest_Latitude.
Type Represents the column type. This field is not editable.
Note: There is no order of results guaranteed from a Point in Polygon stage. Because the search point is contained in all results, all results are considered equivalent.