Converts a specified Spectrum Spatial Geometry instance to a KML string. You can specify the name of the field on the input port that contains the geometry instance as well as the name of the field to send the KML-formatted string to the output port.

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers. For its reference system, KML uses 3D geographic coordinates: longitude, latitude and altitude, in that order, with negative values for west, south and below mean sea level if the altitude data is available. The longitude, latitude components (decimal degrees) are as defined by the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84).
Note: is the only KML namespace supported for the To KML option.
Table 1. To KML Options
Option Name Description
Geometry field The name of the field that you want to contain the geometry returned by Spatial Calculator as a KML string.
KML string field The field containing the KML string converted from a Spectrum Spatial geometry.