Table 1. Spatial Union Options

Option Name


Return a row count in each group Enable this option if you want to know how many geometry objects are contained by each union. You may want to use the count field for stream routing. For example, if the count is 1 you may want to route the record differently.
Input geometry The name of the field that contains the geometry object.

This field also accepts geometries that are generated by stages in the Enterprise Routing Module, such as a LineString or Polygon.

Group by Optional. A field to group the records by to perform one union operation per group. For more information, see Input.

This field supports string, double, float, integer, long, and BigDecimal as input data types. BigDecimal values are converted to double data types.

Output geometry The field that you want to contain the output union geometry.
Group count If you enable Return a row count in each group, specify the field that you want to contain the count (output type is double).