User-Defined Centrus Databases

Spectrum™ Technology Platform modules that perform spatial analysis depend on databases that define the polygons (or areas) and points that are of interest. The kinds of areas that these files can define is virtually unlimited; some examples are insurance rating territories, sales territories, and store locations. You can create you own custom databases that identify areas or points of interest specific to your organization.

To use a custom Centrus spatial database you first create a data file using a supported format, then use an import utility to convert the data file into a format usable by Spectrum™ Technology Platform. The following table summarizes the formats and utilities used to create a user-defined spatial databases.

Table 1. Summary of User-Defined Spatial Database Usage

Spectrum™ Technology Platform Module

Components That Support User-Defined Databases

Supported Format the for User-Defined Data

Import Utility

Enterprise Tax Module spatial databases

Assign GeoTAX Info

ESRI Shape (.SHP), MapInfo MIF (.MIF)


Spatial Module spatial databases

Point In Polygon

Closest Site

ESRI (.SHP), Comma delimited (.CSV), DBF format (.DBF), Microsoft Access (.MDB), TAB file (.TAB), Text (.TXT)

FMTMakr2.exe SpatialImport.exe