How to Run Spectrum™ Technology Platform as a Linux Service

These instructions describe how to run the Spectrum™ Technology Platform as a Linux service.

  1. Modify the provided pbspectrum script which is located here: PBSpectrum Script.
    1. Modify the chkconfig parameter at line# 5. By Default this parameter is: # chkconfig: 35 90 10

      First value(35) is runlevel. Use 'man init' for more information.

      Second value(90) is start priority

      Third value(10) is stop priority.

      Start and stop priority should be set according to the dependent services. For example, if Oracle Server is running on the same machine and is used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform then the Spectrum™ Technology Platform starting priority should be less than the Oracle Service and stopping priority should be higher than the Oracle service. Use 'man chkconfig' for more information.

    2. Modify SPECTRUM_ROOT variable at line #11 with your Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation directory.
    3. If you are using SUSE Linux, you must change the default preferred user from su to runuser.
  2. Copy the modified pbspectrum script to either /etc/rc.d/init.d for RedHat Linux or /etc/init.d for Suse Linux.
  3. Change the mode of the pbspectrum script to executable. /etc/rc.d/init.d for RedHat Linux or /etc/init.d for Suse Linux.

    cd /etc/init.d or cd /etc/rc.d/init.d depending on your Linux version.

    run chmod +x pbspectrum

  4. Run chkconfig --add pbspectrum
  5. Verify the script is working by restarting the machine. Use shutdown -r now to reboot from shell.

Once completed, you may also use the following:

  • service pbspectrum start to start Spatial Server
  • service pbspectrum stop to stop Spatial Server
  • service pbspectrum restart to restart Spatial Server
Note: The provided script runs the command 'ulimit -n 8192' which is required to increase the number of open files in Linux.