Configuring the Web Services

You can, and frequently must, explicitly specify the desired behavior of the Spatial Module web services via settings in each web service's configuration file. The configuration files for web services in the Spatial Module are held in the Spatial Module repository as named configuration.

Note: Named configurations are not like other named resources that are held in the repository. You cannot use the Named Resource Service to access named configurations. Instead, you must use a WebDAV tool such as WebFolders.

Configuration files are pre-loaded in the repository for the Mapping, Feature, Map Tiling, WFS, WMS, and WMTS services. These configuration files are located at:


For information about the name and location of each web service's named configuration in the repository, as well as a list of the configuration parameters for each web service, refer to the "Working With Spatial Services" chapter in the Spectrum Spatial Developer Guide.