Disabling Authentication for Web Services

Service-level authentication can be disabled for all SOAP or REST web services (or both). This is useful if you have your own high-level authentication built into the solution that is using, for example, the Spatial Module services.

All services and access to resources used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform are configured, by default, with authentication turned on.

To disable authentication for web services on the Spectrum™ Technology Platform :

  1. Stop the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.
  2. Open the following file in a text editor:
  3. Change the value of each property as needed. For example, to disable authentication for all SOAP services:
    Note: For the Spatial Module, REST services also include OGC web services.
  4. Save and close the properties file.
  5. Start the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.

Once finished, authentication is turned off for the type of web services that you specified.