Using WebFolders to Access Spectrum Spatial Repository Resources

To add or modify a named resource, you can copy it to or from the repository using a WebDAV tool. Using WebFolders is an easy way to access the Spectrum Spatial repository and the resources contained in it.

Note: This task applies to Windows environments only.
To access the repository, you must be on the same machine where Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform and the repository are installed.

If you use WebDAV to make changes to named resources or metadata resource records such that they are not located in the same folder or do not have the same base name, then Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager will no longer make matching changes to metadata records for move, rename or delete operations done on a resource.

To configure a WebFolder on Windows:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, select Map Network Drive...
  2. In the pop-up window, click on the link Connect to a website... to open the Add Network Location Wizard.
  3. Click Next and select Choose a custom network location. Click Next.
  4. In the Internet or network address field, add the repository URL. For example, http://server:port/RepositoryService/repository/default/. Click Next.
  5. Enter your credentials (user name and password) if you are prompted for them.
  6. Name the connection. For example, Spectrum Spatial Repository. Click Next.
Once finished, you will have a folder connection to the contents of the repository under your network places. You can use the WebFolder connection to the repository as you would any other Windows Explorer folder.