Render a Map

Rendering a map involves making a RenderMap request to the Spectrum Spatial server. For learning purposes, we will use the Mapping Demo Page that include a list of common SOAP requests.

To render a map:

  1. Go to the Spectrum Spatial SOAP Mapping Service Demo Page at http://<server>:<port>/Spatial/MappingService/DemoPage.html
  2. Choose Render Named Map from the drop-down list of mapping requests and click Submit.

    The Spectrum Spatial Mapping Service will process the request and return a SOAP response and an image of the named map. The named map associated with this demo request is using a sample named map that was uploaded to the repository at installation time.

  3. To view the response and image for one of your named maps, edit the request and replace the text /Samples/NamedMaps/USA with your named map and click Submit.

    You may need to change the map request to use the center and zoom width appropriate for your data.