Requesting a Map Tile

Once the named tile definition is in the repository, you are ready to formulate and submit an XML request for the map tile. You do this using the Tile method in the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform REST interface.

In the REST Interface, all the parameters are included in the request For the tile method these include service, named map, tile level, column and row based on the level, and the output image format.

  1. Create the Tile request following the example:
  2. Copy the request into a browser and refresh the page. The tile appears.
  3. To learn about all capabilities of the Map Tiling Service, go to http://[host:port]/SpatialSamples/ and choose the JavaScript sample application. Click on the Map Tiling tab.
  4. Choose any of the supported methods and study the responses in the map window and/or the response windows.