Convert Envinsa Named Map to MWS

Use the Envinsa Map Manager to save the named map as a . gst format file which can than be opened by MapInfo Pro ( MapX geoset Utility) or the MapXtreme Workspace Manager and saved as a MWS workspace file.

  1. In the Envinsa Map Manager, save the named map as a .gst and open it in MapInfo Pro or MapXtreme Workspace Manager.
  2. Save the .gst as an .mws workspace file to a location that Spectrum Spatial can access.
  3. Import the .mws to Spectrum Spatial using the limrepo mwsimport command in the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform Administration Utility. This will create named maps, tables and layers in the repository. The Adminstration Utility is available for download from the Welcome page under the Platform Client Tools > Command Line.