Migrating from Envinsa or MapXtreme Java

This section is for developers who have an application in Envinsa or MapXtreme Java and want to migrate it to Spectrum Spatial. The approach we have taken is a walkthrough of a coverage locator web application that is written in ASP.NET and uses Envinsa web sevices. The walkthrough highlights many of the decisions you will need to make as you evaluate your application for migration.

For a higher level comparison of Spectrum Spatial to Envinsa and MapXterme Java, see the white paper "Migrating to a New Generation of MapInfo."

The application to be discussed here is a web-based coverage locator solution for determining if wireless service is available from a wireless telecommunications operator and at what quality. The solution is an ASP.NET application using an Envinsa-based web services platform for mapping, geocoding and spatial analysis (Envinsa .NET API Presentation, Directory, Location Utility Services). The client tier is comprised of ASP.NET Web forms and uses Web 2.0 ASP.NET AJAX Extensions.