Supported Capabilities for Rasters and Grids

The following raster and grid capabilities are supported in Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform.

Raster and grid images can be part of a map rendering request to the Mapping, Map Tiling, WMS, and WMTS services. The metadata associated with rasters and grids can be queried via the Feature Service and WFS services.

Map Projection

A map including a raster or grid layer is projected using the coordinate system of the raster or grid image. Raster images are not reprojected to match the other layers in a map.

Legend Support

Responses containing raster and grid images can return legend information in a rendering request. The swatch that represents the raster layer displays a generic raster icon. For a grid layer, the inflection color is returned. A Mapping Service legends request with a named layer (or a named map that contains either a layer or a named layer) that points to a grid file returns a legend with the inflections that are contained within that grid format.

See also Add a Legend to Your Map.


Raster or grid styles are supported as override themes on the named layer. Supported styles for raster include: grayscale, brightness, contrast, opacity and transparency color. Named styles that resolve to a Grid style can include an inflection color list. GridStyle that is of type Style takes a pre-calculated inflection list only at this time.

Override Themes

Raster images can include an override theme provided the theme is part of the named layer definition. Override themes are used to change the display of the raster or grid, such as brightness, contrast, transparency. In the case of grid, the inflection list can be overridden. The theme style of the override is defined as a WMS raster or grid style.

Overlay Support

Grid images can be used as an overlay in a named map. Raster images cannot. The grid image is contained in a GridLayer where the style, interpolation mode, bounds and points table are queryable.