What Are the REST Services?

The REST services are a set of services you can call in your web application to access the functionality of Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform. There are three services that can be accessed using a REST API:

  • The Mapping Service provides a simplified interface to perform Mapping Service rendering, legends, and resource queries. The Mapping Service provides both simple operations that are more frequently used, or more complex operations that require higher levels of customization.
  • The Feature Service provides the ability to search spatial databases, and named resources within the repository. It provides a set of common operations that you can use to query content, regardless of the underlying data provider.
  • The Map Tiling Service dynamically generates subsets of a map on a per-request basis. This subset is called a tile. The tiles generated from the Map Tiling Service can be used individually, or combined to form larger maps, in applications for seamless map interaction. This service provides fast, simple, light-weight map rendering.