Render Named Map Given a Bounding Box


Returns an image of a map in the format specified of a specified area defined by a box.

ACL Authorization Flow

To return an image in the specified format of a specified area defined by a box, the user (or the role they belong to) needs EXECUTE permission on the Named table.


The following format is used for HTTP GET requests:

HTTP GET /maps/map name/image.image type;w=width;h=height;b=x1,y1,x2,y2,srs;


For information on the parameter types listed below, see Request URL Data Types.

Parameter Type Required Description
map name String yes The name of the map to render. The map is specified by a Regex for the named map to render based on the location of the named map in the repository. The name of the named map is defined between the /maps portion of the URL and the /image.image type portion of the URL. For example, to render a named map located at /earth/Europe in the repository, the following URL would be used: http://.../maps/earth/Europe/image.png;...
image type String yes The type of image to return (gif, png, jpg, bmp, jpeg, or tiff)
w=width Integer yes Width of the image in pixels
h=height Integer yes Height of the image in pixels
b=x1, y1, x2, y2, srs Double, Double, Double, Double, String yes The bounding box that defines the entire view in real world coordinates using opposing x, y corner positions and the srs name (spatial reference system).
r=resolution Integer no The DPI resolution of the map as an integer. DPI measures the resolution of map images in dots per inch (the number of individual dots that can be placed within the span of one linear inch). If not specified then assumes server default.
bc=background color String no The background color to use for the map image, as expressed in RRGGBB format. If not supplied, the background color will be transparent.
Note: Unlike with the SOAP API, a leading # should not precede the hexadecimal web color.
bo=background opacity Double no

The opacity of the background color. If the background and backgroundOpacity attributes are specified, these values will be used to draw the background. If the background is not used, then the background will be totally transparent regardless of the backgroundOpacity attribute. If the background is used but no opacity is specified, then the background will be totally opaque.


Returns an image in the specified format.


Render a named map as a PNG that is 640 x 480 pixels in dimension, the map is centered at (0, 0) in WGS 84 (defined by the bounding box), the DPI is 72

GET http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/MappingService/maps/Samples/NamedMaps/WorldMap/image.png;w=640;h=480;b=-10,-10,10,10,epsg%3A4326;r=72
Content-type: application/json
Authorization: <Basic or Spectrum Token>