A MapBasicSymbol element of type MapBasicBitmapSymbol specifies the name of a bitmap symbol file, as well as the size and color of the symbol.


Table 1 lists the elements that can be contained by a MapBasicSymbol element of type MapBasicBitmapSymbol.

Table 1. Elements
Element Description


A string value specifying the URI of the bitmap image file.


A string value specifying the color of the symbol. Any non-white pixels in the bitmap are set to this color.

The value can be any valid CSS color. (See


An integer value from 1 to 255 specifying the point size of the symbol.

If this element is omitted, the image is rendered at its native width and height in pixels.


A boolean value (true or false) specifying whether white pixels in the bitmap should be set to transparent (true) or left as opaque white (false).

The default value is true.