Hillshade is used to obtain hypothetical illumination of a surface by determining the illumination values for each cell in a raster grid file. Hill shading darkens areas that are sloped or are obscured due to elevated areas. It works on the premise of brightening areas that face the sun directly.

Hill shading can significantly enhance the visualization of a surface for analysis or graphical display, especially when using transparency.

Note: The source sun position used for shading and highlighting are independent. However, sun highlight cannot be enabled without enabling sun shading.


Table 1 lists the elements that can contain, or be contained by, a Hillshade element.

Table 1. Context
Contained by Element Contains




The Hillshade element has no attributes.


This example specifies a grid image style that contains a RenderStyle of type LUTColor, a Custom DataTransform having a collection of six color breaks, and a collection of three grid inflection points.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NamedStyle xmlns="http://www.mapinfo.com/mxp" version="MXP_WorkSpace_1_5">
   <GridStyle id="migridstyle" name="migridstyle" contrast="0.5" brightness="0.5" opacity="1" grayscale="false" show-hillshade="false" null-color="black" null-transparent="true">
      <RenderStyle type="LUTColor" underviewInterpolation="None">
         <Component type="color" field="0" band="1" dataTransform="MapInfoDataTransform">
            <SunShadow enable="True" />
            <Highlight enable="True" />
         <DataTransform type="Custom" name="MapInfoDataTransform">
               <ColorBreak value="-182.586959838867" color="#0000ff" />
               <ColorBreak value="57420.302986145" color="#1919ff" />
               <ColorBreak value="115023.192932129" color="#5e5eff" />
               <ColorBreak value="172626.082878113" color="#eeeeff" />
               <ColorBreak value="230228.972824097" color="#7f7f7f" />
               <ColorBreak value="287831.862770081" color="#a5a5a5" />
         <GridInflection value="0.4" color="yellow" />
         <GridInflection value="0.5" color="green" />
         <GridInflection value="0.6" color="blue" />