Point in Polygon Dataflow (Service)

This procedure describes how to create a Point in Polygon dataflow from a Point in Polygon subflow that already contains the necessary processing instructions. By creating this dataflow as a service it can be accessed from a web service or when using the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform API. Alternatively, this dataflow could be created as a job for batch processing. A subflow must be incorporated into a dataflow to be used.

To create a point in polygon dataflow:

  1. In Enterprise Designer, choose New > Dataflow > Service from the File menu or New > Service from the Task pane.
  2. Drag the Point in Polygon subflow from the User-Defined Stages folder.
  3. Drag an Input source onto the canvas and connect the output port to the Point In Polygon subflow.
  4. Double-click on Input to display the Options dialog. Expose the x and y fields to the dataflow by clicking the Expose checkbox. Click OK.
  5. Drag an Output sink onto the canvas and connect the output port of the Point in Polygon subflow to the input port of the Output.
  6. Double-click on Output to display the Options dialog. Expose the State field by clicking the checkbox alongside the State field.
  7. To expose the dataflow, choose File Expose/Unexpose and Save or click the Expose/Unexpose and Save button. The dataflow displays in the User-Defined Stages folder.
  8. To verify that the service is now exposed as a web service, go to one of the following URLs:

    For REST: http://<server>:<port>/rest

    For SOAP: http://<server>:<port>/soap