Launching the Map Uploader

The Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader is a tool that installs with the Spatial Module. To work with it, you must download it from the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Welcome Page to the machine where MapInfo® Pro is installed.

To download and install Map Uploader:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Welcome Page at:


    For example, if you installed Spectrum™ Technology Platform on a computer named myspectrumplatform and it is using the default HTTP port 8080, you would go to:


  2. Click Spectrum Spatial.
  3. Click the Utilities tab.
  4. Expand the Map Uploader section and click Download ZIP for your version of MapInfo Pro.

    Clicking View Documentation opens the Map Uploader section of this guide in a new browser window.

  5. Follow the instructions for:

This tool is an extension to MapInfo Pro, so you must extract the contents of the ZIP file onto a machine that has MapInfo Pro installed.