Launching the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager

The Spectrum Spatial™ Manager is a web application that installs with the Spatial Module and is available from the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Welcome Page.

To launch and work with the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Welcome Page at:


    For example, if you installed Spectrum™ Technology Platform on a computer named myspectrumplatform and it is using the default HTTP port 8080, you would go to:


  2. Click Spectrum Spatial.
  3. Click the Utilities tab.
  4. Expand the Spatial Manager section and click Open the Spatial Manager.

    The browser refreshes to display the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager login dialog.

  5. Log in as the administrator (admin), or enter the username and password provided by the administrator who setup your account.

Only users assigned an admin, spatial-admin, or spatial-sub-admin role have permission to log into Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. Roles are assigned in the Management Console by the administrator (admin). For a description of the spatial-admin and spatial-sub-admin roles, see Users and Roles.

For a description of the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, see Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.