Configuring Usage Statistics

You can enable usage statistics for a Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst installation. This requires restarting the Pitney Bowes AnalystConnect service

To enable usage statistics, do the following on the server where Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst is installed:

  1. Open the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst file in a text editor. This file is located in the following folder where AnalystInstall_Dir is the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst installation directory.


  2. Set the following property to true to turn on capturing usage statistics.

    This setting is turned off by default (the default setting is false).

  3. Specify a folder path for the following property to save usage statistics log files into. The default location is set to D:/logs.
    Warning: Only .csv formal log files are generated. Do not change the setting.
  4. Save your changes and close the file.
  5. Restart the Pitney Bowes AnalystConnect service to have these changes take effect. Type “services” in the Windows search box. In the Windows Services dialog, right-click Pitney Bowes AnalystConnect and select Restart.
    Note: If your search bar does not display correctly or is hidden, press and hold (or right-click) the taskbar and select Search > Show search box.

Usage statistics log files are on the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst server file system. We recommend copying them from the server onto a local machine for analysis.

If you have Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst installed on more than one machine, follow these steps for each installation that you want to capture usage statistics.