Best Practices for Map Rendering

The following recommendations optimize map rendering in Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst.

Set Only Relevant Map Layers to Initially Visible

When creating a Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst map project, layers are always initially set to invisible (as part of the project settings). If a layer must be visible when Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst first loads, the administrator (admin) can turn the layer on in the Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst legend and resave the project.

Administrators should ensure that only relevant layers are turned on when the project is saved to avoid un-necessary map render requests when a user first loads Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst.

Add More Layers into Map Groups

A map group relates to one Named Map loaded into Spectrum Spatial. If more map groups are present, then more requests are made. We have had cases where a customer has around 70 map groups. If all of these were turned on by the user in the legend, and they had not previously browsed any of them in their current session, Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst would make 420 requests to render the map.

When creating maps in MapInfo Pro, try to group multiple layers into them rather than having one layer per map. Users can still be given the ability to enable and disable the display of individual layers within a map if needed. However, by having them in the same map, it reduces the number of map render requests made.