Saving Usage Statistics Log Files to a Shared Drive

Usage statistics log files archive to a folder on the machine that Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst is installed to or to a shared folder location.

To save usage statistics log files to a shared folder:

Set the property in the file to the shared folder path as described under Configuring Usage Statistics.

Specifying a shared folder is useful for saving log files to a single location when there are multiple Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst installations in your organization (or for a cluster deployment). In this case, each server would need to write to its folder on the shared drive so that it does not overwrite another server’s log files.

For example, shared drive S: is made available to three Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst servers. The file for each Spectrum Spatial™ Analyst installation is then configured to write to its folder on the shared drive. The following is a summary of the property settings that would be set (one for each file).


The logs for all three servers are then available from a single location, the S: drive.