Supported Table and Layer Types

These layer and table types are supported and will always be shown with a green tick.
  • Image (raster) layers and tables
  • Thematic Layers (Range, Individual Value and Dot Density are including as part of the source layer and define the style to be used. Graduated Theme, Bar Chart and Pie Chart thematics are uploaded as separate layers in addition to the source layer)
  • Grid layers and tables
  • DBF table
  • Native table
  • Shapefile table (The shapefile will be used rather than the TAB file)
    Note: A TAB file is not created via the universal translator to create a shapefile from the tools menu.
The following tables are supported only if there is a named connection available. If there are no named connections then they will be shown as unsupported. Note that the Map Uploader will not validate that table is available with the named connection chosen. It is up to the user to ensure that the connection chosen is correct for that table. The table name will be taken from the TAB file and the remaining connection details (including database scheme/owner) from the named connection.
  • ODBC live Table
  • ODBC linked Table
  • Oracle live Table
  • Oracle linked Table
Note that although Map Uploader will allow you to upload any ODBC tables, Spectrum Spatial is only tested on and supports the following RDBMS:
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Post GIS