Appendix B- Named Resources

When uploading a map the following 3 folders will be added to the repository below the path specified in the uploader.
  • NamedMaps
  • NamedLayers
  • NamedTables

For any tables that are uploaded a Named Table resource will be added to the Named Tables folder. This will contain the path to the TAB file or connection details to the data source. No layer information (such as style, zoom layer settings, label settings) is held in the Named Table.

If the map is uploaded it will be created as a Named Map and added to the NamedMaps folder.

In addition a Named layer will be created for each layer. The Named Layer will be added to the NamedLayers folder.

A separate named layer is created for each Named Map and Named Table pair and has a generated name as follows:
<Named Map Name>_NM_<Named Table Name>
Where labels are enabled a separate label layer will be created and where the layer has an Individual Value, Pie or Bar theme, a separate layer is created for each of the themes. The names of these follow the convention below where ID is the identifier number assigned to the layer in MapInfo Professional.
<Named Map Name>_NM_<Named Table Name> Labels
<Named Map Name>_NM_<Named Table Name> Graduated Symbol Theme IDxx
<Named Map Name>_NM_<Named Table Name> Bar Theme IDxx
<Named Map Name>_NM_<Named Table Name> Pie Theme IDxx
Below is an example of a map that contains all of the above layer types and how the Named Resources are created.
Figure 1: Example