Logging into the Map Uploader

After installing the Map Uploader you will need to launch it from the MapInfo Pro tools menu and login.

Note: Prior to launching the Map Uploader, you must have a map open in MapInfo Pro.

To open the Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader:

  1. Select Tools > Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader to launch it.
  2. Specify the URL of the Spectrum Spatial server in the Server text box.
  3. Enter the credentials in the User name and Password text box to login to the Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader. The user must already have been created and be a member of the admin roles.
  4. (Optional) Select Enable Logging check box to to create a log file of the service requests made when uploading data. The Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader log file is located in the file: %AppData%\Pitney Bowes\Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader\log\messages.log.
  5. Click Login.