Uploader Settings Tab - File Based Data

Before uploading maps that use file based data, it is necessary to ensure that the correct Named Connections and Relative path to data are added to the settings tab and saved. Spectrum uses the Named Connection and appends the relative path to the connection to access the data.

To enter local and server paths:

  1. Select Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader > Settings tab.
  2. Select a Named Connection from the drop down. The Server source folder will be displayed. This location is the data directory on the server where the Named Connection points.
  3. Optionally, enter the Relative path to data. If the data on the server resides in the Server source folder, you can leave this field blank. If the data resides in a sub folder or the Server source folder defined by the Named Connection, you need to add the folder structure. For example, if your named connection is /NamedConnections/TestData but the actual data is located in a sub folder called World inside the TestData folder, the relative path would be /World.
  4. Click Apply.