Understanding Reuse - Overwrite versus New Map Behavior

How your named resources are created and appear in the Spectrum Spatial repository depend on the choices you made using the Map Uploader utility.

  • If you uploaded a new map, named resources are created in the repository according to the standard file structure (see Understanding the Structure of the Named Resources) .
  • If you repeat the upload of the same map and choose to overwrite, layer resources will be overwritten in the same folder with the newly uploaded properties. The named tables will be checked and reused. New named tables will only be created if you have added data to the map.
  • If you repeat the upload of the same map and choose a different map name in the same folder, a new folder for the layer resources will be created so that the two maps can each have their own styles. Named tables in that folder will be reused if they represent the same data. Any new tables that need to be created will be created, as before, in the same folder as the map.

If you are creating a new map and tables were moved to a "common" folder, the new map won't look at common folder, so there will be duplicates.