Preparing for a Successful Map Upload

Not all the features and capabilities of MapInfo Pro are supported in Spectrum Spatial. To ensure a smooth upload from MapInfo Pro to Spectrum Spatial:

  • Verify that your map does not use unsupported datasources, or map rendering properties. See Why Does My Uploaded Map Look Different in MapInfo Pro? for detailed information about unsupported features and Troubleshooting for instructions on how to work around some of the limitations.
  • Verify that your data is in the location you want it to be from the server perspective and that Spectrum Spatial connections exist that point to it. You must create these connections using Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager prior to uploading the map. For more information about Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager, see Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager in the Managing Spatial section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide. To copy MapInfo TAB data that is in Native or NativeX format from a MapInfo Pro map to another server, you can use the Workspace Packager tool that ships with MapInfo Pro to copy all the referenced data to a single folder.