Adding the Uploader to the MapInfo Pro Tools Menu

The Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader can be downloaded as a MapInfo Pro plugin file from the Spectrum Spatial section of the Welcome Page, under Map Uploader on the Utilities tab.
  1. Click Download Zip to save the file. Unzip it to a location that is accessible to MapInfo Pro, such as D:\Spectrum Map Uploader or C:\Spectrum Map Uploader, or where your other MapInfo Pro plugins are installed.
  2. Start MapInfo Pro.
  3. On the HOME tab, in the Tools group, click Tool Extensions.
  4. Click Options on any of the tabs then click Run Program.
  5. In the Run MapBasic Program dialog box, find and select the NRCreatorAddIn.mbx then click Open.
  6. Click Tool Extensions.
  7. On the Running tab, right-click Map Uploader and select Register.
  8. The Register Tool dialog appears, fully populated with the appropriate details.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Optional: If you want Map Uploader to always appear on the tools menu when you open MapInfo Pro, select the AutoLoad check box on the Registered tab.