Using the TAB File Name as Display Name for Layers

When opening a layer in MapInfo Pro, numbers and special characters in the TAB file name are replaced: spaces are replaced with underscores and table names longer than 32 characters are truncated. MapInfo Uploader uses the modified layer name as displayed in MapInfo Pro.

To retain the TAB file name, so that it becomes the layer name in the Spectrum repository as seen in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager:

  1. On the Map Uploader Preferences dialog, click the Maps tab.
  2. Select the Use TAB file name as friendly name for layers checkbox.
  3. Click OK.

After uploading the map, the display name is set to the TAB file name in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. The tab file name displays in the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager on the named layer's Resource Info tab under Friendly Name.

Warning: Ensure all MapInfo Pro users select this preference. Two sets of files can result in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager when one MapInfo Pro user uploads maps with this preference set and another user uploads the same maps from their MapInfo Pro instance without setting this preference. If this occurs, the named map in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager points to the last uploaded set of layers.