Uploading a Map

To upload your map to the Spectrum repository using the Map Uploader:

  1. Under Select Map Repository Location, highlight the folder location to upload your map to.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Under Table Matching, to select a different database connection, select the Select different connection checkbox beside the TAB file path.
    1. Select an existing server connection from the list. Map Uploader remembers each server connection you select when using it and defaults to the last used connection.
    2. Click Search to locate the database and establish the connection.
    3. Click OK to continue.
    The Select different connection checkbox does not display when the table is already loaded in Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager. If this is the case, skip the next step as these options are unavailable.
  4. Optionally select the following for the newly created tables:

    Volatile to check if the table information has changed since it was last accessed before performing a data access operation. Do not select for tables with static data when performance improvement is required.

    Read-Only to allow Read operations on the datasource.

  5. Under Select Table Repository Location for the New Tables, click to expand the tree and select the folder location to save the named table to in the Spectrum Spatial repository. The map layers go in a folder that is in the same directory as the map.
    Note: This section displays when the named tables are not available on the server. In this case, named tables are created in the selected folder.
  6. Click Upload.

After uploading the map, the layer displays in the Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager on the named layer's Resource Info tab under Friendly Name.