Named Connections


A named connection is a type of named resource that defines the connection details for connecting to data sources. This is where you provide details about your database or file-system location. Named connections are stored in the repository. Prior to Spectrum 9.2, they were included inline in a named table definition. Now a named table contains a reference to a named connection, not the entire connection information.

Named connections to a database or file-based data source can be created, modified, deleted, or renamed in Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager.

Note: The file (located under SpectrumDirectory\server\modules\spatial) may be used to configure the pooling of connections used by JDBC-based data sources (such as Oracle and SQL Server) to maximize performance. For more information, see Data Source Pooling Configuration,


The schema for named connection definitions is defined in MXP_NamedResource_1_5.xsd and MXP_MapDataSource_1_5.xsd.

Element Description
NamedConnection The root element of a named connection definition.