Named Label Sources


Named label sources are created when a map is uploaded from MapInfo Pro using the Map Uploader utility. They contain several pieces of information:

  • the table
  • label visibility
  • zoom or scale constraints
  • a label string expression (a column name or something more complex such as an operator or function)
  • string display properties such as font size, alignment, and offset from geometry
  • labeling rules (such as priority)

A named label source is included in a label layer (inline or named) and can also be referenced by a feature layer. In the exact same manner that feature layers can be displayed or not by their existence in a Render Map request, labels can be displayed or not by their existence in a label layer as part of a Render Map request. For more information about how label sources are used in a feature layer, see Feature Layer in the Development section.


The schema for named style definitions is defined in MXP_Style_1_5.xsd.

Element Description
NamedLabelSource The root element of a named label source definition.