Named Layer


This is an example of a named layer definition for a feature layer.

In this example, the definition defines the attributes of a feature layer named World Countries. The data for this feature layer is contained in a file named on the local file system. When rendered the layer will be visible at all zoom levels.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<NamedLayer version="MXP_NamedResource_1_5" xmlns="">
		<TABFileDataSourceDefinition id="id4" readOnly="false"> 
	<FeatureLayer id="id9" name="World Countries" alias="world" volatile="unknown">
		<Visibility visible="true">
			<VisibleRange enabled="false">
				<ZoomRange uom="mapinfo:length mi">0 0</ZoomRange>
		<DataSourceRef ref="id4"/>