GridLayer Elements

This table defines the schema elements that make up a GridLayer.

Element Description
Table The underlying table that the grid layer references.
Style The style definition that is applied when rendering the grid. The style specified must be a named style that resolves to a GridStyle or a GridStyle itself. If the GridStyle includes its own InflectionList, it overrides the InflectionCollection. For more information on GridStyle see GridStyle.
CellWidth The width of a grid cell in linear units.
ValueExpression The expression used to derive the value of a grid cell.
SpatialExpression The expression used to get the value of the point geometry.
Interpolator An algorithm used to calculate values in a grid. The IDW (Inverse Distance Weighting) interpolator uses a distance weighted average of data points to calculate grid cell values. It is best suited for data values that produce arbitrary values over the grid, that is, data that does not have any relationship or influence over neighboring data values, such as population. This method of interpolation also works well for sparse data.
InflectionCollection A collection of elements that refer to how the color that represents the values is spread between the inflections. If a GridStyle with an InflectionList of pre-calculated inflections is present, InflectionCollection is ignored.
GridEnvelope Optional. The bounds of the control points. Usually derived from the data, this property can be used to extend the interpolated bounds beyond the bounds of the points in the data.