Creating Named Map

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager allows you to create a named map.

To create a named map in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager, Click Map from the Create menu.

  1. Click in the Layers.
    A resource picker pop up opens.
  2. Select one or more layers and then click Select.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps to add further layers.
    Each new layer is placed on top of the previous layer.
  4. Notice that the added layers appear inside the Layers select box. To delete any layer, select it and click the . When you have added more than one layers, you can use the or to rearrange the placement of layers.
  5. Enter the name of the map in the New Map Name under Repository Info.
    The name of the map must be unique. In case if the same name already exists, the Spectrum Spatial™ Manager throws a warning. Names are case sensitive and cannot contain the following characters: / \ : [ ] | * { } ".
  6. Click in the Repository Folder under Repository Info. A resource picker pop up appears that allows you to browse a location to store the map. The default location is the same as the one you selected while creating the Named Map. You can use the same path or set a different location. You can also create a new folder from the resource picker pop up. Select a folder and click Select.
  7. Click Create to complete the process. The details page for the new map appears.
Consider the following while creating a named map:
  • All raster/grid layers added to the map must be in the same projection.
  • A named map cannot include references to the inline layers.

  • A named map cannot contain the same two layers even if they exist in different hierarchy levels.