Folder Permissions

The Folder Permissions page allows you to manage read and write permissions on the folders.

Do the following to view Folder Permissions:
  1. Open Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.
  2. Click Permissions in the menu bar. A sub menu opens.
  3. Click Folder Permissions.


The folder permissions page has two panes to organize the content. The left pane lists Roles and Users while the right pane displays Folders for the selected role or user. The list on the left pane only displays users and roles that have permissions on at least one folder.

Roles and Users

The left pane contains the roles and users who have permission on at least one folder. When you select a user or role in the left pane, its corresponding folder details are displayed in the right pane.

The Folder Permissions page also allows you to add permission to users and roles on folders. Click Add Users or Roles towards the top of the pane and a user picker appears. For more details see Adding Users and Roles.


The right pane of the page displays the list of folders for the selected user or role. The list includes columns for the folder path, check boxes for adding or removing the read and write permissions, and a clear button to remove both the permissions for that folder.

Note: If the user or role is being given the read permission, they may or may not be granted the write permission but if the write permission has been given, the read is granted automatically.

To add folders on which permission has to be added, click Add New Folders and a resource picker appears. For more details, see Adding Folders.

Apply Changes

You can add or remove permissions using check boxes. Click Apply Changes to consolidate the changes. The button remains disabled until no changes are made.
Note: If all the permissions are revoked from a folder, the same will not appear on the page when the admin revisits the same page.