Geocoder Configurations

This section provide help on specifying Spectrum Geocoder service for address search.

The Geocoder Configurations page allows you to manage geocoder configuration.

The following options are available on Geocoder Configuration page:

Table 1. Geocoder Configuration Options
Options Description
Geocoder Configurations Lists all the available EGM (Enterprise Geocoder Module) and GGM (Global Geocode Module) service.
Create New Click to create new Geocoder configuration. For more information refer to Creating a New Geocoder Configuration.
<Name> of Geocoder Configuration Displays the name of the last Geocoder configuration. You can modify existing geocoder configuration and save it.
Last Edited Date Displays the last edited date of the geocoder configuration.
Overflow button on the right hand side of the screen provides two options:
Delete - Allows you to delete existing geocoder configuration.
Note: If the configuration is referred in any map project then you cannot delete it.

Duplicate - Allows you to copy exsisting geocoder configuration. You must rename it .

Reset Allows you to reset the configuration without saving the changes made by you. You can reset of continue to edit the configuration.
Note: Once you have reset the configuration, you cannot undone it.
Save Allows you to save the changes you have made in the configuration file.
Note: This service needs Basic Authentication enabled for Spectrum Server being consumed. For more information refer to Spectrum Administration Guide-Web UI.