Editing WMS

To edit a WMS configuration:

  1. Select the WMS Configuration from the list.
  2. Enter Additional subdomains in the textbox if available, separated by comma.
  3. Select the authentication from Authentication Type drop-down list. It has following options:
    No Authentication The WMS is not secured and does not require a login.
    Basic Authentication The WMS is secured and a user name and password are required to login and access the WMS.
    Query Parameters Inline The WMS is not secured, but a username and password are required as part of the WMS URL parameters. Enter query parameter names and values as below:
    • Username query parameter
    Enter the parameter name for the username. For example - login, userid, login id etc.
    • Username
    Enter the username.
    • Password query Parameter
    Enter parameter name for the password. For example - password
    • Password
    Enter the password.
  4. Click on the Verify button to check the authenticity of URL.
  5. Select layers from the Available Layers list.
    Note: You may select more than one layer by pressing Ctrl button.
  6. Click the Add to Selected Layers button to move selected layers to Selected Layers box.
  7. Click the button to remove one or more layers from Selected Layers box.
  8. Select a layer in the Selected Layers list and click the Up and Down arrow buttons to re-order its position in the list.
  9. Select style from Layer Style drop-down list for each layer.
  10. Choose coordinate from the Coordinate System drop-down list.
  11. Choose image format from Get Map Format drop-down list. The supported Get Map format is image/png, image/gif, image/jpeg, or image/jpg.
  12. Select from available check box options:
    Get feature info Select to get feature information.
    Note: The Get Feature Info check box is disabled and unchecked if it does not support the getFeatureInfo capability.
    Get Legend Graphic Select to get legend graphics.
    CORS Enabled Select to check if the tile server supports CORS (Cross-origin Resource Sharing). Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a W3C standard that allows data sharing between domains. CORS enables web applications running in one domain to access data from another domain.
    Note: When user will add WMS either secured or non–secured, SSA will check whether these supports CORS or not and“CORS Enabled” option will be checked/unchecked by default.”
  13. Click Save button to save the WMS configuration.
  14. Click Reset button to reset the configuration without saving the changes made by you.

The WMS configuration is now updated.