Applying a Connection to Inline Named Tables

Named tables that use inline references to a datasource instead of a connection cannot be edited in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager (although they can still be used in Spectrum Spatial services and stages). An inline reference specifies the full path to the TAB or shapefile that serves as the table’s datasource; for example, D:\Spectrum Spatial\Data\tabfiles\ A connection-based reference specifies the location of the datasource relative to the path defined in the connection; for example, FileConnection + \tabfiles\ where FileConnection is a connection that points to D:\Spectrum Spatial\Data. See Benefits of Using a Connection for more information on why you should use connections.

Spectrum Spatial™ Manager provides the ability to update named tables which use inline definitions to use a connection instead. You will then be able to edit them in Spectrum Spatial™ Manager. This procedure describes how to update tables with inline references from the connection details page. You can also update tables from the table details page.

To apply a connection to named tables with inline references:

  1. If there are named tables that could be updated to use a specific connection, a message appears at the top of the details page. Click the link to continue.
    The Update Tables: Select Tables page appears, displaying all the tables to which you can update with this connection. You can use the Show Path toggle at the bottom of the page to switch between the table name and path.
  2. Select the tables to which you want to update with this connection and click Update.
    The Update Tables: Select Tables page appears, with a message confirming that the selected tables were updated with this connection. You can click Return to go back to the details page for the connection, or click one of the tables to go to its detail page. If you open one of these tables, you will now see the Modify link appears on the Resource Info tab of the details page which allows you to edit the table.