Adding WFS Feature Types

To add WFS feature types from named tables:

  1. From above the feature types tree, click the Add Feature Types button .
  2. From the dialog, select one or more named tables to add and click Select.
    The details page for the first named table you selected appears.
    Note: By default, the WFS feature type is created under the namespace you were located when you added the feature type. You can drag and drop the feature type to move it under a different namespace if needed.
  3. Optional From the GetFeature Preview tab, select at least one column to see a preview of the GetFeature request. The purpose of the preview tab is to test the feature type using a DescribeFeatureType to retrieve the columns, then performing a GetFeature request to show features. You may also set Maximum Features to limit your results to a subset; the value in this field must be at least 1 and cannot exceed the Maximum Features value on the WFS Settings page. If left blank then there is no limit in number of features returned; however, if you exceed the Maximum Features on the Settings page then you will receive an error.

    Click Edit if needed to make changes to the feature type (see Editing a WFS Feature Type).