Adding a WMTS Layer

Note: These settings are the same as those that are available when you create a WMTS layer via Data > Repository. The GetCapabilties response (and other WMTS service calls) are affected immediately anytime a named WMTS layer is deleted, modified, or created. Any named WMTS layer in the repository is automatically exposed through WMTS.

To add a WMTS layer:

  1. Click the Add WMTS Layer button located above the layer list.
  2. Set the properties as needed:
    Property Required Description
    Reference Tile Y The named tile that the WMTS layer references (displayed as a link to the named tile). Click to browse for a new one.
    WMTS Layer Identifier Y Its unique layer identifier that is referenced by GetCapabilities and GetTile operations. Special characters and spaces are allowed.
    WMTS Layer Title N The human readable title for the named WMTS layer. Special characters and spaces are allowed.
    Repository Info
    New Layer Name Y The field uses the name of reference tile as the default. You can accept the default name or change it. This name has no effect on the WMTS service and is just used as a name for this resource in the repository. Spectrum Spatialâ„¢ Manager will warn you if another WMTS layer exists with that name. Names are case sensitive and cannot contain the following characters: / \ : [ ] | * { } "
    Repository Folder Y From the Repository view, this defaults to the location you were at in the repository when you selected Create > WMTS Layer. From the Services view, this defaults to /WMTS/Layers. You can accept the default path or change it.
  3. Click Create.
    The new WMTS layer is immediately exposed through the WMTS service, which you can verify by going to the Capabilities page (Services > WMTS > Capabilities). If the new layer does not appear there, go to the resource to check for errors.